What kind of electronic cigarette factory is the standard

In the electronic cigarette industry, it is a common phenomenon for dealers to find OEM/ODM partners of electronic cigarette factories. Shenzhen, as the world's largest electronic cigarette factory production base, has many electronic cigarette agents, which are the new brands of electronic cigarettes. Provide a complete supply chain.

But how to choose and find a reliable and powerful factory is indeed a big problem for the fledgling "Xiaobai" dealers. Before that, we should first understand the characteristics of a reliable e-cigarette manufacturer.

The so-called credibility is nothing more than two aspects: the resources of the two parties can be better matched, the two-way rapid running-in, the rapid response, the pleasant cooperation, and the trustworthiness and trust. Moreover, electronic cigarette manufacturers are unreliable, product quality is difficult to control, product experience is poor, and there are potential safety hazards. Complaints from consumers in the market, cooperation is also very tired. Therefore, when doing business, you still need to keep your eyes open and choose carefully and find a reliable partner.

Although Shenzhen has more than 600 e-cigarette factories, its production capacity still accounts for 90% of the world's.

However, behind the huge production capacity, it is the current situation of uneven and shoddy electronic cigarette foundries.

So how to find a reliable electronic cigarette factory to cooperate with?

I have summarized the following principles for your reference:

#1: Choose an e-cigarette foundry that has been established for a long time and has a long operating life.

The OEM processing time mentioned here is long, at least I think at least 8 years.

Electronic cigarette OEM is a part that pays more attention to scientific research and technology. An electronic cigarette OEM that has no time to settle has insufficient experience in the industry, and there will be various imperfections, which is also the fuse for poor follow-up cooperation.

For a foundry that has not been baptized by time, it is difficult to guarantee its production capacity, customer service ability, and various cooperation guarantee systems.

No intention to criticize these young vape OEMs, and they are not absolute, but as far as the industry is concerned, it is the truth.

#2: Looking at the scale of the factory and the scale of production is an important measure to measure the production strength of electronic cigarette OEM factories.

The larger the scale of the enterprise, the stronger the strength of the enterprise, the stronger the production and processing capacity, and the more assured the cooperation with the enterprise.

Second, the major manufacturers have mastered the core technology of electronic cigarettes, have a production line with guaranteed production capacity, and can provide the market with one-stop OEM/ODM solutions of various brands.

Moreover, some small factories have incomplete qualifications, and some even do not have the corresponding qualifications. The products are prone to serious quality and safety hazards such as adding unsafe ingredients, leaking e-liquid, and inferior batteries.

Therefore, when choosing an electronic cigarette cooperative factory, you should apply to its factory for inspection to see its geographical location, area, plant size, etc., and judge whether it has strength through these external conditions.

3. Selection through product quality and product richness No matter what the purpose of cooperating with an e-cigarette factory, customers all want high-quality e-cigarette products, so when choosing an e-cigarette factory, you must go to the manufacturer.

Look at the quality of their products when they leave the factory, whether they have a complete quality inspection system, and whether they meet your quality requirements (not only have a good appearance and texture, but also have a good e-liquid and atomization device).

If the foundry itself does not pay attention to quality, and does not check the production process and after production, it is very difficult to require the foundry to do a good job in quality. Second, the demand for electronic cigarettes in the market is diverse. Electronic cigarette manufacturers can not only ensure product quality, but also provide a variety of products for customers to choose from. For sellers, finding a wide variety of electronic cigarette factories can better meet the different choices of the market and customers.

Four: Look at the R&D strength of the factory R&D capability is the core competitiveness of electronic cigarette OEM/ODM factories, especially the research and development of electronic cigarettes, which has high technical content and many raw material formulas, which requires high-tech, high-precision, and high-tech matching. And inspected the R&D center or laboratory of the manufacturer, and its R&D strength can be seen at a glance.

The manufacturer has strong capital, large investment in research and development, many talents, complete equipment, large scale, many patents, perfect digital construction, strong innovation and research and development capabilities, and can independently develop new products. Like many dealers looking for electronic cigarette factories, the purpose is not only to establish their own supply channels, but also to meet the needs of local customers. It is hoped that the factory can process and customize electronic cigarette products according to the requirements of their own customers.

In this case, it is especially necessary to be extra cautious when looking for cooperative manufacturers of electronic cigarettes. The e-cigarette production plan can be researched and improved according to the needs of the dealer, which requires high customizability.

Sellers need to know whether the electronic cigarette factory has its own professional R&D team and equipment, so as to ensure that the needs of different customers for electronic cigarette products can be met.

Fifth, according to your own needs, you need to choose the service capability. Finally, you need to inspect the service capability of the foundry, which mainly depends on the response capability of the factory.

The process of OEM/ODM is relatively long, which tests the service ability of the factory. If the service ability is strong, the process will be smooth and the time will be short. The foundry factory with good after-sales service, the delivery cycle is on time.

For factories with poor maintenance capabilities, the delivery time is often reached, and the factory cannot deliver on time, and the customer is not easy to explain.

And such problems, dealers should try to avoid, so as not to let customers have questions about us in all aspects. At the same time, you must choose according to your own needs. For example, a large factory produces large orders by itself. You tell him that it is very difficult to cooperate in small batches.

The process has not yet been formed in the factory, and the order is usually arranged at random. It is also a bit difficult to ensure the delivery time if you want it.

All in all, looking for a factory is the same as looking for the other half. At the beginning of cooperation, you need to know about it, and you are satisfied in all aspects, and then consider cooperation. But don't hold too much hope to change the foundry. Each foundry has its own development stage and business philosophy, which has formed inertia to some extent.

It is difficult for customers to reverse the internal problems of the factory. It is best to find a current factory that suits them according to their current needs.

Visiting the workshop and sample room of the electronic cigarette factory, and talking with the factory owner or salesperson is a relatively direct and quick way to understand the foundry.