What atomizer does the mechanical rod match, DIY atomizing mechanical rod

A. The mechanical rod is equipped with a Manhattan red copper atomizer. How to choose the wire for turbo3 and how to wrap the wire to ask the novice

For large smoke atomizers, it depends on what resistance value you want to play. The lower the resistance value, the thicker the heating wire and the fewer turns. Yours is a mechanical lever, it is recommended not to play with too low resistance, be careful to scrap it. Most beginners will choose cheap and beautiful mechanical rods. However, the danger of mechanical poles or boxes cannot be ignored.

B. Can the electronic rod also use a diy atomizer?

Beginners don't use mechanical levers because they don't understand


The principle is that it is impossible to DIY the advantages of the mechanical rod, and the battery is still in danger of overheating and exploding. If the budget is low, you should choose the ego series of smoking sets, and if the budget is sufficient, you should choose the pressure regulating rod.

What atomizer is C.p3 suitable for pressure regulating rod or mechanical rod

American ProVari

3, the pressure regulating rod.

Generally, atomizers with 510 interface can be used. It is recommended to use high-power atomizers to highlight their characteristics. It is about 50W. The resistance value of 0.5Ω is more suitable. As for which one you like.

D. Can the vgod pole electronic cigarette be installed in the finished atomizer?


Be careful not to set the resistance too low

The resistance value is within the safe range of your battery.

And it is recommended that the resistance of the atomizer is stable and will not change.

90% of accidents are mechanical rods

E. Can the Corolla atomizer be used on a mechanical rod?

It is mainly composed of three parts: atomizing sheet, swirl sheet, and split sheet. Under a certain pressure, the oil is combined into an annular groove through the small holes of the swirl plate, and then enters the swirl chamber in the center of the swirl through the tangential direction of the swirl plate. squirting. Under the action of centrifugal force, the oil overcomes its own viscous force and surface tension, and is crushed into fine oil droplets, which form a conical atomizing moment with a certain angle. The atomization angle of the atomization moment is generally in the range of 60°-100°

F. How to refuel the mechanical rod electronic cigarette

Fully assembled! Put on the nebulizer! Install the battery! I can't figure out what else the mechanical lever could do.

G. What atomizer does the Lucifer mechanical rod match with the master group?

What kind of atomization is there for the broken rod. . .

H. What kind of finished atomizer can the electronic cigarette mechanical rod be equipped with

As long as it is a complex 510 interface, all systems can be used

As a reminder, the mechanical rod is not chip-protected, and the battery is directly supplied, so you need to know the maximum output current and voltage of the battery you are using, and divide it to get a value. This value is your safe value, and it can be higher than it. It is dangerous for the battery below it to start to work under load. This value is the resistance of your heating wire

how many ohms

I. Which atomizer is better

, The atomizer type copy number is best suitable for children to use, simple operation and easy portability are also important indicators to measure the atomizer. The shrunken atomizer is designed with one-button operation, so even children can use it easily. And the size is small, very suitable for going out.

2. The compression nebulizer is also specially equipped with a charger and rechargeable battery, as well as a portable handbag. It can be used with you when you go out to play and travel, and realize inhalation therapy anytime and anywhere. It is the only brand product of household nebulizers. choose.