F26 Disposable
F26 Disposable

F26 Disposable

Product Name: F26 Disposable Atomizer The F26 Disposable Atomizer produced by Like, a manufacturer of electronic cigarettes, supports the wholesale of electronic cigarettes. As an electronic cigarette factory in Shenzhen, the company specializes in R&D and manufacturing of electronic atomization products. Its brand: Like division,

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Product Name: F26 Disposable 

The main market of the disposable electronic cigarette manufacturer Lico products: OEM brand operation customers and ODM product customization customers in America, Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and China.

1. Disposable electronic cigarette stick.

2. The oil tank is 2-3ml, the number of suction ports is 600-800 puffs, the nicotine content is 2%, and the atomization is fine.

3. 20 flavors to choose from:

Strawberry Banana, watermelon strawberry, blueberry cherry, peach mango, kiwi strawberry,Cola ice, mint,cotton candy, banana, peach oolong, blueberry, strawberry,pineapple, honeydew,coffee, grapes, Mojito, peach, watermelon, mango




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F25 Disposable

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